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Supercharge your sales speak with these simple standardised statements…

Hey guys,
Here’s a list of statements that will catapult the power of your sales ability. If I were you I would use these all the time to win people my my way I thinking.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when I say this the brain naturally agrees with whatever I am saying. The bottom line is I want you to help me help you. Because I can guarantee this will be 100% better for you, and I am sure you can see the benefits of using this kind of language. How does that sound so far?

Let’s be realistic, if you don’t use these statements you will be disadvantaged against the guy standing beside you that knows them.

Can I make a suggestion? Read through all the standardised statements at least 10 times, print them out and put them infront of you, try to use them, I strongly recommend this because repetition and having them in your face is the best way to learn them. Always remember that you can use these over and over again, you have over 35 different statements.

At one of the drilling mornings we’ll be running through all of these so make sure you have read them before, I am sure you will agree that it’s in your best interests. That’s not a problem if you don’t understand any just ask me for examples of how to use these.

Hopefully from the above paragraphs you will get an idea of how easy it is you use these. So would you like to go ahead with this?

Here they are:
Always remember….
Can I make a suggestion?
Can you do something for me?
Can you see the benefits?
Do you think this would be good for you?
Help me to help you….
How does that sound?
I am sure that you would agree with me….
I guarantee this will be 100% better for you….
I know you don’t know but if you did?
I strongly recommend this….
I’m sure that you’d agree with me.If I were you….
If it kills me?
Let me put it this way….
Lets do this….
Lets get realistic
On the basis ____________ will you _____________
On the basis that you’re 100% happy…
Please be well aware….
Please understand….
So would you like to go ahead with that?
Tell me in detail….
That’s fine….
That’s not a problem
The benefits of this are….
This is not only a suggestion, it is your solution….
This will definitely be 100% better for you.
Understand this….
What are your main concerns?
What do I need to do to get this sale today?
When we come to that bridge we will cross it…
Which do you prefer….
You know this is going to be beneficial for you….

Live with Passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

About Brett Alegre-Wood

I first discovered property in 1996 when I trained as a Real Estate agent. After this I moved onto mortgages as l realised that properties were easy to sell but the deals would fall down due to finance, so in 1999 I became a mortgage broker, before long l was training brokers all around Australia, some 500 in fact and in 2002 was accepted onto the state committee of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australasia. I then uprooted myself and moved to the UK to do the Australian Dream (backpack around Europe) I still haven't returned. One of the reasons l have remained, (besides the great weather and long summers - just kidding.) It is the wonderful opportunity you have to build a portfolio of properties with great returns. In Australia I learned how to buy property and renovate. In the UK I have not taken a single paintbrush, hammered a nail, nor have I knocked down a single wall. I have bought only off plan and newly built property, each time at a considerable discount and structured in such a way as I required minimal capital outlay. l have sat in my armchair and watched my portfolio grow without lifting a finger. I have set my portfolio up so that someone else takes responsibility for each area and in return I sit in my armchair doing whatever l want to do. Yes l still have to pay my mortgages, ensure rents are received and pay my charges but for the most part my portfolio is in set & forget mode. My armchair gets put to good use. The question l pose is what is your armchair, this book will teach you everything you need to know to become an armchair millionaire but the question is what is your armchair, armchair is simply the metaphor for your life, your goals and your passions. Certainly I don't mean sitting in front of the TV, it means something much more adventurous. Regardless of what your armchair is, my commitment to you is to teach and support you to build a portfolio using off plan and new build property, to be brutally honest based on my experience and to ensure you safely and securely achieve whatever you choose. My website is at:


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